Scotland, the place where my Heart belongs

Edinburgh Castle

Life takes us on different paths, through different journeys, makes us deal with people that influence our lives in good or bad, and we sometimes wonder why all of these is happening to us. We think it`s a punishment when actually it`s just a learning curve, a journey through darkness, loneliness and sadness that molds our Spirits and our Mind. Only than you`ll come to the realization that you are where you are meant to be and you are who you are meant to be.

After the Spiritual Awakening, when you reach a certain level of consciousness you start to see life and the world from a different perspective. The sky seems brighter, the grass greener, things that you didn`t notice before or you didn`t care about become important, eg. human rights, global warming, poverty. It`s like a veil was removed and you wear the right glasses from Specsavers. Not also your vision improved but also your hearing, taste, smell....Everything you experience, including emotions are 100 times stronger.

Now you gonna say "But this has nothing to do with Scotland? " Well, just after my Awakening, that`s when I realized I`m drawn to Scotland but I didn`t know why. Later on, during my research I discovered things about my country Romania and the Celts that explains the Call of my Ancestors and the Celtic inheritance I have in my blood. As everyone knows today, Celtic descendants live in Scotland .

Celtic Cross in the Village of Arinis, Maramures County, Romania.

Quoting the Romanian Historian Ion Grumeza:

" At the time of the Roman Empire, a large population of Celts from central Europe migrated to Dacia in Eastern Europe ( Dacia was a region inhabited by the Dacians. It`s territory consisted of eastern and south-eastern Transylvania, the Banat and Oltenia (regions of modern Romania)) .

They brought with them skills and traditions that continue to be evident in today’s Romania, which roughly encompasses the former lands of ancient Dacia". The Dacians and The Celts were partners in the major battles they fought against Rome and the construction of Hadrian’s Wall in Britannia and Dacia. As some of the Celts were already cohabiting with the Dacians, they decided to settle in Dacia.

Years passed and the waiting was becoming unbearable. I was a lost Spirit trying to find it`s way home. They say that we all have at least one Soul Place in the natural world and when finding that place we also find our true selves. A place where you experience a strong and unique feeling of belonging. To me that place is and always will be, Scotland.

So, on the 17th of October 2018 after a long night on the road all the way from London, with tears in my eyes and my heart pounding, I entered Scotland. I remember the sun rising from beyond the beautiful green landscape, lighting the coast and the small houses. Everything was so different from what I was used to while living in England, that I start rubbing my eyes making sure I`m not dreaming. A place so magical, of a Heavenly beauty that made me wonder if I stepped into a different Realm. That crossing signified the end of the old and the beginning of a new adventure, a new life. A journey of self discovery, self evaluation and growth on the Holly Ground of Scotland. After centuries of wondering around the world, my Spirit was finally home.

River Tummel, Pitlochry, Scotland

More about my first day in Edinburgh , from the friendly and helpful people I met to the unique feelings I was experiencing while walking the paved streets of Scotland`s capital; my first Hostel experience and eating haggis and black pudding for the first time, all in the next episode. Until than, Blessed Be !


© 2019 by Alina L Sabou

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